Shannon Matesky

Shannon Matesky

Shannon Matesky is an artist, activist, educator from Berkeley CA. She has been seen on stages across the country as a spoken word artist as well as featured in numerous documentaries and seen on TV on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. Shannon’s acting credits include working with companies such as Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Hypocrites, The Inconvenience and many others. She has taught with numerous organizations such as Youth Speaks, Young Chicago Authors, and Step-Up Women’s Network. Shannon also works on developing theatrical pieces using personal narrative included her solo show She Think She Grown. She currently resides in Chicago.

Rhymes: TLC – “What About Your Friends?,” Lauryn Hill – “Everything is Everything,” Eve – “Love is Blind”


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More on Shannon:


Shannon’s Def Jam Poetry Performance

Songs from This Interview:

TLC- What about Your Friends

TLC- Unpretty

Bahamadia- 3 The Hard Way

Nas feat Lauryn Hill- If I Ruled the World

Fugees- Nappy Heads

Lauryn Hill- Everything is Everything

Eve- Love is Blind

Nicki Minaj- Dear Old Nicki

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