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Rhymes and Reasons featured in Unbound

Rhymes and Reasons has been featured in Unbound, an interactive journal of Christian Social Justice.

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Sengvilay “Kid Jungle” Aphay

Kid Jungle 

This interview and songs explains the growth and evolution of myself from a teenager to young adult and now the present.  The impact and my interpretations of each song represent major chapters and changes in my life that have given me experiences that I will never forget.  Never would I have ever thought that I would be this far just from this dance known as “b-boying” or “breakdancing” but I know I was put on this Earth to change the world of people’s lives and especially my own.  Catch me teaching, training, competing, performing, collaborating, and cyphering around Chicago and the rest of the world through my affiliations – Thee Authentic Fewsion Dance, Hip Hop Chicago, Phaze II Crosstown Crew, Awesome Style Konnectionz, Latin Street Dance Academy, Chi-Caribena, and Kuumba Lynx.  Peace….

Rhymes: KRS-One “Step Into a World,” Korn “Alone I Break,” K-Os “Superstar Pt. Zero,” and Nas “Carry on Tradition”


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Songs From This Interview:

KRS-One “Step Into A World”

EC Illa “On Ill”

Beat Street Battle Scene

Milli Vanilli “Baby Don’t Forget My Number”

Lord of the Undergound “Chief Rocka”

MC Eiht “All 4 The Money”

KRS-One “Step Into A World (Remix)”

Korn “Alone I Break”

K-Os “Superstar Pt. Zero”

Nas “Carry on Tradition”

Nas “Nasty”

Amina Norman-Hawkins

I dreamed of writing songs and poems, sharing them on stage, and finding creative ways to affect change in my world… And when I found hip-hop, those dreams became a reality!   Or maybe hip-hop found me!  Either way, it was a match made in heaven and from the day we met I have never looked back. Hip-hop has given me a platform, a voice, a vehicle.  Hip-hop has given me freedom…  The freedom to live my dreams!  Thank God I found her.

Rhymes: Public Enemy- “Burn Hollywood Burn,” Eric B. & Rakim- “Chinese Arithmetic”


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Songs From This Interview:

Isley Brothers- Between the Sheets

Fela Kuti- Water Get No Enemy

James Brown- Living in America

Public Enemy- Night of the Living Baseheads

Public Enemy- Burn Hollywood Burn

Isis- Face the Bass

Eminem- Yellow Brick Road

X-Clan- Raise the Flag

Ezzdean Duane- Live Your Life

Noble MC- Hip-Hop 4 Ever

Soldats Du Hip-Hop remix Ft. Bird, Christ Carter, Venum Le Chef, & Face2Face

Beastie Boys- Hey Ladies

El General- Head of State

KRS-One- 9 Elements

Brand Nubian- Dedication

Eric B. & Rakim- Chinese Arithmetic