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Pugs Atomz

Pugs Atomz is an accomplished solo-artist who has graced the stage at some of the world’s largest music festivals including SXSW, Hip Hop Kemp,and Glastonbury. He has worked with countless world renowned artists such as KRS One, Twista , Dj Hitek, Dj Vadim and Fat Freddys Drop, and been mentioned in publications like Rolling Stone, URB, and Sister 2 Sister to name a few. You might have heard him recently on the Fifa 2013 video game sound track with “Got that fire”, or seen him on a recent Episode of F.O.M.. His roots in Chicago’s Hip Hop scene run deep, from co-founding CTA Radio (15+ years), presenting on the TV show Barbershop Hip Hop, to his time in the 90’s leading the Nacrobats collective. His group The Electric (DJ Vadim/Sabira Jade) released their debut album, in-between tours of Europe, Asia & the Americas, titled ‘Life is moving” a combination of energetic Hip-Hop, soulful lyrical verses, set against killer electric beats.

Rhymes: Whodini “The Freaks Come Out”, Saafir “Light Sleeper”, Thirstin Howl III “Brooklyn Hard Rock”, and Kanye West ft. GLC and Consequence “Spaceship”


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[audio https://archive.org/download/RhymesReasons-PugsAtomz/RhymesReasons-PugsAtomz.mp3]

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Songs from this Interview:

Whodini “Freaks Come Out at Night”

Roy Ayers “Chicago”

Artifacts “Wrong Side of the Tracks”

EMPD “Give the People”

Saafir “Light Sleeper”

Casual ft. Saafir “That Bullshit”

Saafir “Just Riden'”

MC Juice “Elements”

Twista “I’m Old School”

Common “Resurrection”

Thirstin Howl III “Brooklyn Hard Rock”

Thirstin Howl III “Polo Rican”

Zhigge “Lo Life Skit”

Kanye West ft. GLC and Consequence “Spaceships”

Kanye West ft. Rhymefest and Mikkey Halsted “Good Ass Job”

Sharkula “School Fools”

DJ Vadim ft. Pugs Atomz “Saturday”

The Electric “Toot Toot”

Guru ft. MC Solaar “Le Bien, Le Mal”

Melle Mel & The Furious Five “Internationally Known”

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