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Psalm One

Psalm One, a.k.a Hologram Kizzie, is a multitalented musician, rapper, chemist, mentor, and philanthropist whose diverse, robust sound and wide-ranging content reflects her multitude of skills and life experiences. A native Chicagoan, Psalm One released her debut CD, Bio:Chemistry, while studying chemistry at the University of Illinois in 2002. In 2006, Psalm One became the first woman to sign and release an album, The Death of Frequent Flyer, with independent record label Rhymesayers Entertainment. In 2011 Psalm One made her national television debut on MTV’s Emmy Award-winning series, MADE, where she was cast as a rap coach for one of the participants. In 2012 she released a children’s album, aptly titled Child Support, in conjunction with ASCAP and America SCORES, a non-profit after-school program, to help raise money for underprivileged youths. She most recently released Free Hugs EP under her Hologram Kizzie pseudonym with Bonafyde Records, and is set to release the follow up Hug Life LP in early 2014.

Rhymes: Stevie Wonder “Don’t You Worry ‘Bbout A Thing,” George Michael “Kissing a Fool,” and Aaliyah “One in a Million”


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