Speech was born Todd Thomas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the youngest of parents Robert & Patricia Thomas. Speech started the music group, Arrested Development. Arrested Development won two Grammy Awards (Best new artists & Best rap single 1993) with songs that Speech wrote and produced from the album, “3 years, 5 months and 2 days in the life of…”  Speech has released 5 solo albums since 1996 all of which have spawned Top 10 hit singles. Speech became an ordained minister with the Churches of Christ in 2005.  Speech says, “My most proud achievement is my marriage to Yolanda, (we’ve been together over 17 years), our two children Jahi and Zoe Thomas and my faith in Jesus, which is my biggest strength & guidance.”

Rhymes: Public Enemy “Rebel Without a Pause”, and De La Soul “The Magic Number”.


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Songs from this Interview:

Public Enemy “Rebel Without a Pause”

Public Enemy “Public Enemy Number 1”

Gil Scott Heron “Home is Where the Hatred Is”

“A Different World” Theme Song

Arrested Development “People Everyday”

Kilo Ali “Lost Y’all Minds”

Def Jef “Black to the Future”

Arrested Development “Tennessee”

De La Soul “The Magic Number”

Stetasonic “Music for the Stetfully Insane”

De La Soul “Say No Go”

Arrested Development “Natural”

Arrested Development “Mr. Wendal”

Boogie Down Productions “You Must Learn”

Mary J. Blige “Everyday People”

Lecrae ft. Trip Lee “Jesus Muzik”

Drake ft. Trey Songz “Successful”