Daryn Alexus


Daryn Alexus

Daryn was born and raised in Washington DC and came to Chicago to attended Columbia College.  While there she won the Biggest Mouth Competition, the schools most competitive music competition.  After graduation she decided to stay in the city, calling Chicago her second home after living here for nearly 8 years now. She’s had several opportunities to perform at great venues around the city; Lincoln Hall, Chop Shop, Schubas, Reggie’s, and The Metro among many others.  IN 2014 she released an EP titled GREEN that led to a few articles from The Chicago Tribune and the Red Eye, and opened the door to many other wonderful unforgettable opportunities and friendships. Daryn now continues to make music with her producer Dee Lilly in her South Side Apartment. Currently releasing tracks for her “Wild Flower Series” and moving towards another EP at the top of the year, Daryn is sure to keep busy creating.

Rhymes: Lil Wayne, “Go DJ,” Black Star “Definition,” and Kanye West “I Wonder”


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Aamer Rahman


Aamer Rahman

After years of performing as half of the critically acclaimed duo Fear of a Brown Planet, Aamer Rahman finally appears in his long-awaited debut solo show.

Rhymes: Public Enemy, “Give It Up”, Dead Prez, “Hip Hop”, and Black Star, “Definition”


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Vann R. Newkirk II


Vann Newkirk

Vann R. Newkirk II, also known as fivefifths, is a writer, editor, graphic designer, and activist entrepreneur who is currently Chief Scribe and founder at Seven Scribes, a new online destination for millennials of color. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and UNC-Chapel Hill, and is deeply passionate about social justice, environmental justice, Afrofuturism/speculative fiction, and hip-hop, and in the intersection between them all. His work has been featured in Ebony, GQ, and Grantland among other outlets.

Rhymes: Outkast “Aquemini,” Blackstar ft. Common “Respiration,” and Gucci Mane “Lemonade”


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Jesse Childs


Jesse “Nap Nat the Napi Natural” Childs

Jesse Childs (pka Nap Nat the Napi Natural) is a Hip Hop artist, author and youth educator living in Oakland, CA.  Originally from Monterey, CA and raised in New Mexico he graduated from the University of Chicago and published two novels, Isaiah Eleven (2008) and Kam Remembered (2011).  The Afromerican Project was formed circa 2006 in Chicago when emcees Nap Nat and aKWErius released the “A Future Now” mixtape.  Since then, other artists have entered the scene including The ReMINDers, ADD-2 and The Mastrs.  Their sounds cross paths so audiences of each can hear the music of the others. The Afromerican Project is spreading a creative message, developing solutions for identifying and fixing problems in our community while delivering top quality Hip Hop through your speakers.  Learn more at www.afromerican.org.

Rhymes: Black Star “Thieves in the Night,” The Roots “75 Bars (Black Reconstruction),” Kendrick Lamar “HiiiPoWer”


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Afromerican Project

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