Amina Norman-Hawkins

I dreamed of writing songs and poems, sharing them on stage, and finding creative ways to affect change in my world… And when I found hip-hop, those dreams became a reality!   Or maybe hip-hop found me!  Either way, it was a match made in heaven and from the day we met I have never looked back. Hip-hop has given me a platform, a voice, a vehicle.  Hip-hop has given me freedom…  The freedom to live my dreams!  Thank God I found her.

Rhymes: Public Enemy- “Burn Hollywood Burn,” Eric B. & Rakim- “Chinese Arithmetic”


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Songs From This Interview:

Isley Brothers- Between the Sheets

Fela Kuti- Water Get No Enemy

James Brown- Living in America

Public Enemy- Night of the Living Baseheads

Public Enemy- Burn Hollywood Burn

Isis- Face the Bass

Eminem- Yellow Brick Road

X-Clan- Raise the Flag

Ezzdean Duane- Live Your Life

Noble MC- Hip-Hop 4 Ever

Soldats Du Hip-Hop remix Ft. Bird, Christ Carter, Venum Le Chef, & Face2Face

Beastie Boys- Hey Ladies

El General- Head of State

KRS-One- 9 Elements

Brand Nubian- Dedication

Eric B. & Rakim- Chinese Arithmetic