Hannaan “HB Sol the Policy King” Joplin

HB Sol the Policy King

Hannaan “HB Sol the Policy King” Joplin has been described by many as that special, once-in-a-lifetime emcee–gritty, yet intelligent; witty, yet upfront and brutally candid; smooth, yet fiery; universal, yet straight from the block. He works with Chicago producers AntonGenius and Grant Parks. Look for newly  released material from HB in 2012! He currently works as a Career Coach with the Cara Program.

Rhymes: Eric B & Rakim – “Follow the Leader,” Scarface – “The Wall,” Nas – “NY State of Mind”


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Songs From This Interview:

Eric B & Rakim- Follow the Leader

Eric B & Rakim- My Melody

Eric B & Rakim- I Ain’t No Joke

LL Cool J- I’m Bad

Wu-Tang Clan- Wu-tang: 7th Chamber

Eric B % Rakim- Microphone Fiend

Eazy E- Boyz In Da Hood

Scarface- The Wall

Geto Boys- My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me

Nas- Halftime

Dr. Dre- Let Me Ride

Nas- NY State of Mind

Nas- One Love

Alicia Keys feat Nas and Rakim- Streets of New York