Michael Skolnik


Michael Skolnik

Michael Skolnik is an entrepreneur, activist and storyteller. He is the proud father of Mateo Ali. He is a Disciple of Russell Simmons. He is a Board Member of the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Rhymes: Run DMC “Peter Piper,” Nas ft. Lauryn Hill “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That),” and Dave Matthews Band “#41”


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Dr. Raphael Travis, Jr.


Dr. Raphael Travis, Jr.

Dr. Raphael Travis Jr., LCSW, is an Associate Professor at Texas State University – San Marcos School of Social Work.  He holds degrees from University of Virginia, University of Michigan, and University of California at Los Angeles.

Rhymes: Boogie Down Productions “My Philosophy,” Public Enemy “Can’t Truss It,” and Talib Kweli ft. Jean Grae “Black Girl Pain”


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[audio [https://archive.org/download/RhymesReasons-Dr.RaphaelTravisJr/Rr-RaphaelTravis1.mp3]

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Dr. Travis’ Interview with inSocialWork Podcast


A Profile via the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Dr. Travis’ Faculty Profile

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DJ Hoodwink “Tired of Ducking U x Your Triumph”

 Talib Kweli “New Leaders”

Chance the Rapper “Dear Chicago Summer”